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About Us

Sata Inc is driven by its goal of providing local businesses with environmentally-friendly and competitively priced refurbished computer equipment. As a leading company that adheres to Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher’s Standards Program, we implement programs that not only follow strict international standards, but also efficiently demonstrate Sata Inc’s commitment to quality and consistency.

Sata Inc has gone a long way since its establishment in 2015. Our size and scope of operations may have expanded, but we have retained our core values of going the extra mile to exceed the expectations of our clients in an environmentally-friendly and accountable manner.



Every Relationship is an Opportunity

Sata Inc sees every relationship we build as an opportunity to take our clients to success and on a journey where environmental accountability and brilliance work as one.


From acquisition to the refurbishing process to delivery, Sata Inc ensures that every stage of the project goes smoothly and without any delay. As a company with a strong emphasis on environmental accountability and quality, Sata Inc assures that every product we offer has underwent a thorough refurbishing process that guarantees quality and excellence.

Recycling computers is a must as these products are one of the biggest contributors to electronic waste. Computers have toxic parts that are harmful to the environment. With new computers popping up every now and then, it can’t be avoided that people will keep changing their computers to get the latest form of technology. While purchasing new computers might be easy, disposing the old ones is the hardest part. Dumping old computers in a landfill is not advisable. By refurbishing computer equipment, ninety-five percent of these materials can be deflected from landfills.


Sata Inc understands how important it is to start everything properly. Each product from Sata Inc starts as pre-owned equipment obtained in the best condition from sources like leasing companies, financial institutions and banks. This ensures that all our products are only lightly used, which in turn reduces the amount of replacement parts and repairs needed. This process guarantees the quality of products while helping us reduce costs and keep our prices affordable for our clients.







Non Profit

As a company built on commitment, Sata Inc assures that our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when they receive the product. Our set of standards and values push us to finish what we have started to the best of our ability. Even after the product is delivered, we maintain contact with our clients to give them the support they need.


Sata Inc ensures that our products are carefully packaged and delivered to their destination. Regardless of the size of the product, we make sure that it will arrive functioning and looking exactly the way we refurnished it.

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